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About Us

Meet Todd Rowell, PE, Principal

Graduated 1984, Washington State - BS/Civil Engineering, Professional Engineer - Oregon and Washington


Todd says, “Growing up with Payton was fascinating. He could work for hours when he was doing numbers, but we were just as likely to go out and survey a site or chat with owners on their land, and I would hold the survey sticks or listen to him talk to guys with hammers and bulldozers."


When people tell me “you sound just like your dad”, I take it as a high compliment. What it means to me is that I have incorporated Dad’s love of people with his love of building and creating.


Todd enjoys finding a solution to a problem that exists in several domains — what people want, what the engineering requires, and what is practical and efficient to build.


He learned the details in school, but learned the craft from the best engineer he's ever known - Payton Rowell. Todd has brought those fundamentals into the present, and creates using new technology. He is proud of having built a team of young engineers who will take his philosophy even further into the future.

Meet Stephanie Ashley, EI, Design Engineer

Graduated 2014, Oregon State - BS/Civil Engineering


Stephanie joined our team in December 2014 following graduation from Oregon State’s Civil Engineering program, where she focused on Green Building and Sustainability.  She brings enthusiasm, curiosity and optimism to our work, and constantly challenges herself to learn and contribute.  She is especially interested in sustainability, which is at the heart of 21st century building issues.


Stephanie is engaged in the community through volunteering and is an active member of Engineers Without Borders, Portland Professional Chapter.  This outreach supports Stephanie's desire to work and communicate with clients and will help to expand our focus on customers.  Her engineering mind has created innovative ways of approaching problem solving.

Meet Jerry Yates, PE, Project Engineer

Graduated 2005, CSU/Chico - BS/Civil Engineering, Professional Engineer - Oregon, Washington and California


Jerry is an engineer at heart and perfect to have as a part of a team.  Jerry’s ability to design systems and efficiencies is a source of pride for him, and a source of excellence in our company.  He’s been with Rowell Engineering for 6 years, and takes care of our customers with skill and intelligence.


Jerry loves to strategize about all kinds of improvements:  delivering our product, organizing our internal processes, taking care of the customers.  Over the time that he’s been at Rowell Engineering, he has provided opportunities to help us grow and serve our customers beyond our expections.

Meet Susan Rowell, Office Manager

Graduated 2008, Portland State University - BA Communications


Susan's background in administration and organization doesn't tell the whole story.  She takes care of people and makes sure things run efficiently, without any fanfare.  She understands people and knows the value of listening when communicating no matter when or where it is needed.


Susan brings her extensive skill set and experience to Rowell Engineering in helping organize and deliver quality service as well as manage finances.  She is the professional and friendly person on the line, and understands the importance of providing answers and support to our customers.